There would be hardly any internet user who hasn’t heard of WordPress. In fact, for most of the active websites, WordPress is the most preferred CMS among the users from all over the world.

It’s undoubtedly the most powerful and popular CMS for any category of website. In this post, we will share some of the most interesting statistics about WordPress that a lot of internet users may find useful and informative. started way back in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little with its headquarters at San Francisco, CA.

Here are some of the stunning WordPress Statistics:


  • Powers Over 27% of All Global Websites


With over 27% of all global websites using WordPress, WordPress continues to rank as the top content management system. It is certainly because of the unbeatable features that it offers for every website category such as blogs, news, small business, e-commerce and more. In fact, managing contents wasn’t this easy until WordPress became popular.


  • Offers the Fastest Installation


Do you know WordPress usually takes just 5 minutes at the most to be installed? This has not only saved time for many users but also, encouraged many people to enter into the amazing world of building websites.


  • Over 48, 500 Free Plugins


If you haven’t heard of plugins ever before, they are kind of programs that can extend the functionality of your WordPress website even further just as one uses apps on one’s Android to extend its functionalities. The validated plugins in the WordPress official directory have been downloaded over 1.5 billion times.


  • Available in Over 60 Different Languages


The latest version of WordPress (4.9) is written in over 60 languages and this has also encouraged many in starting their websites especially the people who aren’t much familiar with the English.


  • Content Published in over 120 Different Languages


Even though most commonly, WordPress contents are published in English which is around 71% of the total contents published using WordPress, there has been a considerable amount of growth in the number of other different languages as well with over 120 different languages that people use for publishing WordPress Contents.


  • 14.7% of the Top Global 100 Websites


With WordPress being preferred by some of the top companies of the world such as  TED, NBC, CNN, TechCrunch, People magazine, the NFL, Best Buy, CBS Radio and more, it WordPress sites constitutes 14.7% of the Top Global 100 Websites.


  • More Visitors Than Twitter


For some of you who aren’t actually aware of how powerful WordPress is, it can be pretty hard to digest the fact that WordPress is more visited than Twitter. Well, it’s completely true. While Twitter has a unique monthly visitors of 114 million, WordPress has 131 million unique monthly visitors.


  • 583,000,000 Results On Google SERPs


WordPress dominates Google SERPs with almost 600 million search results which indicate the extensive use of WordPress. This is the reason why a lot of people believe WordPress to have an excellent advantage in terms of Search engine optimization.


  • Over 39% of All Global Online Stores


With over 39% Global online stores using WordPress eCommerce software, WooCommerce, it gives WordPress an excellent dominance over the global eCommerce as well.


  • 80 Billion Spam Comments Blocked


The WordPress free Plugin Akismet blocked over 80 Billion Spam comments and prevented 23 Billion brute force attacks. This plugin is a must for every WordPress site, considering its brilliant track record.


  • Over 3,000 Free GPL Licensed Themes


3000 free themes is quite a huge number, isn’t it? You can find them in the WordPress Theme Directory. Apart from the free themes, there are various third parties that offer paid themes. One of such repositories happens to be the ThemeForest with over 8,600 themes for sale.



  • 175 Million Monthly Viewers


WordPress is into a constant move with a whole lot of reading and writing going on. Last year, WordPress sites have been found to have 175 million monthly viewers.


  • 1.1 Million New Users Per Six months


According to a survey, WordPress helps in 1.1 million new registered domains every six months which clearly indicates the kind of fascination and convenience the users have with the CMS, WordPress. The fact that WordPress even is even easy for those people aren’t familiar with a single line of code is what actually makes it so popular.


  • 2,740,000 Searches Per Month for the Keyword, “WordPress”


According to a reliable keyword analysis tool, the keyword, “WordPress” is searched for 2,740,000 times per month by people from all over the world which pretty much tells us about its influence.