Black Friday WordPress Themes Deals

Black Friday WordPress Themes Deals 2019

Having a great Black Friday WordPress Themes is critical to making your site stand out. A quality of will make your site look professional or unique. You can even find some of that fit your business’ needs more than others. The fact that come in thousands of configurations only makes it all the more intriguing for you to see what is available.

But WordPress can cost a sizable amount of money for you to utilize. You might even have to spend a few hundred dollars just to get a work for you. That’s especially for the more high-quality of you might find.

Finding the Best Black Friday Deals on WordPress Themes

But that does not mean that you have to struggle when trying to get a fits your needs without spending lots of money. You can find the offer for your use. You will need to look around to find a fits the needs you have so you will get more out of your work without spending lots of money.

Bookmark Many Sites

With so many websites out there offering themes, you need to make sure the site you choose is one that has something that fits your needs. But there might also be multiple sites out there that offer such themes. You should bookmark the sites you are interested in when finding a good deal. These sites might provide you with sizeable for later on depending on what you are finding.

For example, you can bookmark our URL – to find the best 2019 Hosting.

Sign Up For Alerts

You can also sign up with individual sites to get alerts on upcoming offers that are available.

For example, ElegantThemes Coupon on regular time comes with 20% and comes 30% off will be provided during Black Friday times.

These offers might include some that are exclusive to people who have signed up for such discount alerts. You might benefit from a good that is a little more in value than what other people on a site might regularly get access.

Look At the Contract

In many cases, you will have a contract with a group where you can get access to WordPress for a period. You may get a year-long contract in most cases. A Black Friday offer might require you to get a one-year contract to use the theme. After that time period expires, you will have to pay the regular price to continue to use another year. The process will repeat itself for as long as you wish to use the contract.

Check the Regular Price

This point is related to the prior one as it focuses on the contract you will work with. You must see how much of a discount you are getting on your take advantage of offers. You might be asked to pay a specific total for access to the full year.

You can check other black friday hosting deals 2019 here with maximum discounts.

Look at how much that total is worth versus whatever you would spend on it regularly. Remember that the regular price is what you will spend when you choose to keep working with that after the original discounted year is over.

Sometimes the discount that you get on worth as much as you wish. You might find that good for 20 percent off. Other places might offer a 70 percent. You can look around online to find different value to you if necessary.

Either way, you must notice what is available in any situation. Look around at different sites to see what offers are available for your use so you can find a choice that is right for your website hosting requirements.

Review the Limits

Finally, you must notice that not all might be available to you on reviews. You might be limited to choosing one of a few themes. Some times might be premium options that include more dynamic designs and extra features for your convenience. But they are also choices that would cost extra due to those points.

You might not be able to get access to those themes, although this would vary based on the group’s discretion. The options that you cannot get might not be specified until Black Friday, so be careful.

The WordPress you come across when finding on intriguing to review. You should see that any wish to use is planned outright and that you have an idea for what you wish to work with. More importantly, you need to confirm that the good value attached to it on Black Friday.

Linux Vs Windows Hosting

Linux Vs Windows Hosting 2019

You must have already come across the terms, Linux and Windows while you are browsing on the website of any web hosting provider in the past but do you really know in what ways they differ?

Needless to say, both Linux and Windows are pretty popular operating systems for web servers. However, Linux based web hosting has a slight leading edge over the windows based web hosting as it offers more features.

Most people prefer Linux and only if you have applications based on windows, you may consider choosing windows operating system.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: Price

Linux Vs Windows Hosting 2019 1

Pricing is always a crucial factor. In order to understand the price differences between Linux and Windows web hosting, we have to consider the core OS that runs on the webserver and, of course, the UI, hardware upgrades, etc.

However, Linux servers cost by far lesser than the Windows servers in the long run. This is the reason that a lot of users prefer choosing Linux over Windows.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: Software Support

Linux Vs Windows Hosting 2019 2

The choice of OS largely depends on script languages and Database applications. If you have a site that needs windows based script language or database applications, or if your site has been developed using Microsoft ASP.NET, ASP Classic, MSSSQL, MS Access, SharePoint technologies, Windows is the ultimate OS for you.

However, if you are looking forward to using windows based script language or database applications or technologies like Apache modules, NGINX or development tools like Perl, PHP, or Python with a MySQL database, you can choose Linux without a second thought.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: Control Panel

Linux Vs Windows Hosting 2019 3

As far as the control is concerned, Windows OS uses Plesk while Linux uses cPanel and WHM. However, with cPanel, you have the advantage of a very user-friendly interface. Creating, managing MySQL databases and configuring PHP is ridiculously simple using cPanel.

Also, it is pretty easy simple to set up and manage email addresses using cPanel. In simple words, using cPanel, you can easily manage your hosting account without having to need any coding knowledge.

Plesk UI is certainly not as friendly as in cPanel and using it, you can run Windows version of the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP stack. Also, there are many advanced tools by Microsoft available in a Windows server. However, the big downside is that there are fewer apps to choose from in Windows Hosting.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: Security

Linux Vs Windows Hosting 2019 4

Even though most people believe that there is not any major difference between Linux and Windows Web Hosting when it comes to security and it all depends on using good passwords, a proper backup and applying necessary patches, the recent Ransomware attacks on Windows servers reflects the fact that it is more vulnerable than Linux.

However, there are many places wherein Linux has a leading edge over Windows Web Hosting. They hardly need to be rebooted and also, change in configuration never needs a restart. Also, in Linux, files are case sensitive while in Windows, they are not.


The choice of OS can be pretty difficult sometimes. However, a better understanding of the differences between Linux and Windows Web Hosting will certainly help you make the right choice. In this post, we tried our best to keep things unimaginable simple for you and help you understand the exact differences.

As per our observation, Linux is better than Windows in terms of security, performance, software support, Pricing, etc. and you can always choose Linux OS without any doubt unless you need windows based applications that are not available in Linux.

Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel 5

Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel

For anyone who is just about to start a new website, one thing you should be very careful of is the type of control panel that you are about to choose.

You should try to choose one that you are most convenient with and also, look for a hosting that offers the type that you are looking for.

As far as the type is concerned, cPanel and Plesk happen to be the two most popular types. However, a lot of people are not very clear about the differences between cPanel and Plesk.

If you are one among such people, you are on the right page at the moment and this post will walk you through the most important differences between cPanel and Plesk

Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel 6

What is a Control Panel?

In simple words, a control panel is a web-based interface that helps you manage your hosting account. Also, most of them comprise a graphical interface to help you manage the several aspects of your hosting account.

Released in 1996, cPanel is extensively used for all types of servers while Plesk was released in 2001 and it soon became the primary control panel for all windows based servers alongside having versions for Linux.

Things a control panel assists you with

  1. It assists you with domain transfer and domain registration
  2. It supports you with database management
  3. It assists you to see the volume of traffic the server is getting
  4. It helps you create email accounts and manage them
  5. It allows you to secure your website through the .htaccess
  6. Also, it helps you install apps such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.

cPanel Vs Plesk: Dashboard

Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel 7

If we consider the dashboard, all the functionalities are labeled with colorful icons and categorized under appropriate sections in a cPanel and this makes the navigation exceptionally simple and easy. Even if you are a new user, it should take you only about a few minutes to get used to it.

However, a Plesk dashboard is a little different in terms of the model and it arranges the settings and configuration options based on individual sites. This is the reason that users may need comparatively more time to get the hang of the Plesk interface.

cPanel Vs Plesk: Security

It is absolutely important to put the right emphasis on the aspect of security when it comes to server and websites. This is the reason that we need to first ensure that the control panel we choose has the right mix of security options.

It took us a couple of hours to carefully analyze and test the various security options that both the control panel offers. If we consider the aspect of security, both cPanel and Plesk offer rock-solid security with the right mix of powerful security features.

Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel 8


  1. cPanel comes with AutoSSL by Let’s Encrypt which is a pretty handy feature
  2. Also, it offers an advanced brute force protection
  3. cPanel helps you make your site exceptionally secure with the ConfigServer Security and Firewall
  4. The Email Spam Filters option largely helps keep the spam away from your email inbox
  5. It offers SSH access, IP blocker, leech protection, and two-factor authentication for strengthening your site security even further


  • Plesk allows you to set custom firewall rules to keep your site unimaginably secure
  • It also offers users auto SSL by Let’s Encrypt
  • It offers users an amazing option to monitor, detect and remove malware called the ImunifyAV
  • The Fail2ban is yet another handy tool that Plesk offers that can help you scan log files and ban IP addresses that are engaged with malicious things
  • Also, Plesk helps you keep the spam away from your email inbox with the help of its Email Spam Filters
Comparing cPanel and Plesk for Hosting Control Panel 9

cPanel vs Plesk: Cost

As far as the cost is concerned, there are two ways to see it; cPanel is cheaper than Plesk for entry-level hosting. However, if you are looking forward to setting up a control panel on your server, Plesk is certainly cheaper than cPanel.


If you are still wondering as to which one of these two is better, it is certainly a matter of your convenience and choice. Needless to say, learning how to use cPanel takes comparatively lesser time than learning how to use Plesk.

However, as far as the features are concerned, both cPanel and Plesk offers you a perfect mix of features and allows you to have excellent control. Also, we have carefully tested the security features of both the control panel types and found both of them to be equally good.

Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting

Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting 2019

If you are just starting with web hosting, you certainly need to first have a clear idea of how the different types of hosting differ from each other. A lot of new users are often confused regarding the difference between Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers.

It may seem to be a little too technical but trust me, all you need is just a little attention and things are going to be absolutely apparent to you by the end of this post.

In this post, I have tried my best to keep things exceptionally simple for readers to comprehend the exact differences between Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers with the greatest ease.

Shared Hosting

Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting 2019 10

Shared hosting is obviously the most common choice for many users and what makes it so popular is the fact that it costs a lot lesser than VPS or Dedicated servers.

If we see it from the technical point of view, using a Shared hosting is like sharing the same server space and resources along with more than hundreds of other websites.

This also means you will have to share the CPU time, Disk space and RAM with the other users.


  1. It is by far the cheaper than VPS and Dedicated hosting
  2. Also, beginners find using it a lot easier than using VPS or Dedicated hosting
  3. With Shared hosting, you do not have to worry about the technical aspects as everything is managed by the company itself


  1. With a lot of websites using the same server at the same time, your page is likely to get slower sometimes
  2. Also, you do not have a security guarantee with so many sites running on the same server
  3. Shared hosting cannot be scaled up as per your growing need

VPS Hosting

Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting 2019 11

VPS works pretty much like Shared Hosting but it is by far more reliable and secure than shared hosting. Although there is no denying the fact that VPS has multiple sites hosted on the same server, sites are fewer in number in a VPS hosting than in shared hosting.

Also, it maintains various virtualized server environment or server partitions to ensure every site gets an equal share of the server space and resources. In addition to that, extra resources can be easily made available just in case your site ever experiences any traffic spike.


  1. VPS is certainly more affordable than dedicated servers and also, you can scale it up as per your need
  2. Needless to say, VPS offers a much secure environment than Shared hosting
  3. Also, VPS sites have a pretty fast page loading speed


  1. VPS is certainly more expensive than shared hosting
  2. Unmanaged VPS can be a lot difficult to manage if you do not have proper technical knowledge

Dedicated Hosting

Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting 2019 12

Although Dedicated Serves hosting is pretty expensive, it entirely helps you break out of the limitations of the former two types by offering an exceptionally isolated environment.

With this, you have a brilliant advantage of having all the resources dedicated to your site without having to share with any other user. This eventually offers your site an unimaginably high performance in terms of speed and uptime.

Most importantly, you can rest assured of the most secure environment with Dedicated  hosting. Also, you can configure it to meet your exact requirements.


  1. It offers you complete control of the server and also, allows you to configure it to your exact requirements
  2. You can rest assured of blazing-fast page speed and a super stable uptime with 100% access to server resources
  3. Also, you have the advantage of the most secure environment with dedicated hosting


  1. It is certainly not the cheapest option and can be pretty expensive
  2. Managing a dedicated server certainly needs a decent technical knowledge which is why you may have to hire someone with good technical knowledge to manage it paying an additional cost


This pretty much brings us to the end of this post. However, I presume, you are pretty much clear about the differences between Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting. In case, you still find it hard to comprehend some parts of this post, you can always read it once again.

As far as the choice of hosting is concerned, it has to do a lot with your budget and, of course, your purpose. For a blog site, you can certainly start with shared hosting.

However, it is always wise to have VPS, if you are about to start an online store and if your business turns bug, it is never wrong to choose a dedicated hosting for an exceptionally isolated environment.

HostGator Black Friday

HostGator Black Friday Deals 2019 (Discount Coupon Inside)

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Different Types of Web Hosting

Different Types of Web Hosting (2019)

Different Types of Web Hosting

Check out our handpicked Black Friday Web Hosting deals on companies like HostGator, SiteGround.

A lot of people end up choosing the wrong hosting plan while they are heading off to starting a new website. For instance, choosing a shared hosting plan for starting an eCommerce website is probably the most horrific thing one can ever do with one’s website as eventually, it will get one totally frustrated as the website turns out to be extremely poor in terms of page loading.

The basic understanding of the hosting is a must and will be pretty useful when it comes to choosing a hosting plan for your website. Understanding the various types of hosting is actually not that very difficult and in this post, we will describe the Different Types of Web Hosting in the simplest way that you can possibly think off.

The Four Different Types of Hosting

Hosting can be divided into four different categories based on the server-technology involved and its management. However, the choice of hosting has to do a lot with the category or the purpose of a website.

VPS Hosting happens to be the most popular hosting type among the people with a bit of understanding of the hosting types. The popularity of cloud hosting has increased over the years as well considering the fact that it provides high scalability of resources and a whole of stunning web security features.

  • Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the cheapest of all the Hosting plans which is why a lot of people especially the newbies choose it without a second thought when starting a new website. However, it’s important to understand the reason as to why it is the cheapest hosting type. A shared hosting technically is a large number of websites hosted on the same server.  

This type of hosting is certainly not the appropriate one for running an online business related website as it can be down anytime and things are usually pretty unpredictable with shared hosting. The performance of one site can affect that of the other. However, it can be used for blogging or informative websites that don’t need 99.99% uptime.

  • VPS Hosting

Technically, VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting is sharing the hosting space too but things are a lot better in Virtual Hosting than in Shared Hosting. This is the reason why most often, people go with VPS Hosting irrespective of the website category.

In a VPS Hosting, every website gets an equal share of the server with the maximum configuration of RAM and CPU Cores which in turn helps in maintaining comparatively a much stable condition for websites. Most importantly, in a VPS Hosting, the performance of one website is not affected by the performance of another website unlike in Shared Hosting.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is basically hosting a single website on the server. This is actually much appropriate for websites with high traffic. Besides, it gives the user complete freedom to run a whole lot of applications as well as multiple websites without the slightest decline in the server’s performance due to overload.

Dedicated Server Hosting is further divided into two categories; the managed hosting and the unmanaged hosting. With managed hosting, one can have accentuated security levels with DDOS protection, malware removal and more. However, unmanaged hosting doesn’t offer these features.

  • Cloud Hosting

A cloud hosting is pretty much like a VPS Hosting. However, a cloud hosting uses resources from multiple servers in a network and this makes it pretty powerful. The hosting type is increasingly getting popular these days.

Also, the resources are highly scalable unlike in the traditional VPS Hosting wherein resources can be scaled only to a limited extent. This actually provides the user with a lot of freedom and a user can scale up one’s resources depending on the website’s performance as well as increasing requirement.

On top of that, it offers excellent web security features such as protection against DDoS attacks, Data backups and Malware scanning.


You don’t need to hustle up while starting a website as ending up with a wrong hosting will cost you both money and time. The best thing you can do is try to comprehend each of the hosting types really well and then, take your time to decide as to which type fits your purpose most appropriately.

Server Technology, Server Management and additional services are the 3 most important factors to consider whenever you are up to choosing a hosting for your website. We hope that you found our post really informative and we have been able to help you fully comprehend the Different Types of Web Hosting.

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