Get Best Black Friday Deals on WordPress Themes

Black Friday WordPress Themes Deals

Having a great WordPress theme is critical to making your site stand out. A quality theme will make your site look professional or unique. You can even find some themes that fit your business’ needs more than others. The fact that WordPress themes come in thousands of configurations only makes it all the more intriguing for you to see what is available.

But WordPress themes can cost a sizeable amount of money for you to utilize. You might even have to spend a few hundred dollars just to get a theme to work for you. That’s especially for the more high-quality themes you might find.

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Plurk Is Like Twitter’s Outgoing Little Sister

I spent a little time getting familiar with Plurk the other night. I have to admit, it is amazingly addicting. Its a lot like Twitter, but much more social. In my opinion, Plurk can be described as the younger, gabby, outgoing sibling of Twitter. How Plurk Works In my book, what makes a good Web 2.0 application is one that has … Read morePlurk Is Like Twitter’s Outgoing Little Sister

Don’t Run Another Contest Until You’ve Read This!!!

Introducing the FREE Contest Winner Picker! If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I don’t particularly like contests. I would rather give stuff away for free. In keeping with my philosophy of giving back to the blogosphere, I am happy to introduce the FREE Contest Winner Picker. Just because I don’t like contests, … Read moreDon’t Run Another Contest Until You’ve Read This!!!

Different Types of Web Hosting [2018 Content]

Different Types of Web Hosting Check out our handpicked Black Friday Web Hosting deals on companies like HostGator, SiteGround. A lot of people end up choosing the wrong hosting plan while they are heading off to starting a new website. For instance, choosing a shared hosting plan for starting an eCommerce website is probably the … Read moreDifferent Types of Web Hosting [2018 Content]

Internet Facts and Statistics 2018

Internet Facts and Statistics Things are changing pretty fast in the world of the internet in all aspects. Some of these aspects are marketing strategies, kind of content that would be effective for the readers, people’s interaction with their mobile devices, convenient ways to online purchasing, the ways that people choose to search for information … Read moreInternet Facts and Statistics 2018